About Us

Welcome to Hollywood Sourcing. It's a next generation virtual worker marketplace that helps freelancers find jobs and allows employers to find great workers. With about a third of all workers in the job market now being categorized as freelancers we've decided to create a new service designed to help both them and the employers they wish to work for. We're going to accomplish this by introducing some innovative new high tech features and services designed to help our users.

One of our new features is the ability to allow you to hire a celebrity to host and record a Celebrity Video Press Release which you can then use to promote your project. Due to our exclusive agreement with our new partners at HollywoodIsCalling.com we are now the only job service in the world that makes it possible for you to hire Hollywood celebrities to participate in the creation of your video press releases.

As competition for work has become more challenging in the market we've also created another new feature which allows you to compete for jobs on a non-economic level. It's called the "Most Significant Achievement" engine and it allows workers to call attention to their most significant professional or academic achievement in a way that's designed to distinguish them in the eyes of prospective employers who previously may only have been making their hiring decisions based on cost alone.

Another unique new innovation we're bringing to the market is called our Partner Radar. It allows you to announce to our entire virtual worker market place that you're also looking for a future business partner with expertise in specific areas.

We believe that combining hyper innovation with celebrity star power will be the most effective way to overcome the growing challenges of the marketplace for both virtual workers and employers. We also believe that promoting your project is as important as completing it in an affordable manner and that is our goal. Hollywood Sourcing allows you to leverage the power of virtual workers, employers, celebrities and potential future business partners in a synergistic way designed to maximize your chances for success.